2010 EVNOO (Extra Virgin Nuovo Olive Oil) Pricing

Posted by Keith on 10/25/2010
 This year our EVNOO comes from the area just around Monte San Savino in Tuscany, Italy.  We're bringing back two sizes, 500ml and 250ml, both in dark glass bottles that will keep out the light that degrades olive oil.  The bottle will feature a beautifully designed label with a fresco from the Orvieto Duomo painted by Luca Signorelli.  We feel that the 250ml size will be the perfect gift for someone into Italian food or a gourmet cook. Please keep in mind that this olive oil is really meant to be used within the first three months of pressing.


Our 2010 EVNOO will be harvested in November and the entire shipment will be express air shipped to our warehouse in the US.  From there it will be shipped directly to your door so it will be at the peak of freshness for you and your family.  It is strictly limited in production and we do expect to sell out fast.  


We will be offering FREE shipping on most orders (2+ 500ml or 6+ 250ml) to the continental US (48 states) at least until the end of the year.  With the cost of fuel and shipping right now we weren't sure we were going to be able to do it but we think we have found a way to make it work.


2010 Tuscan Extra Virgin Nuovo Olive Oil, 500ml size

1 bottle - $27/ea

2-5 bottles - $27/ea  + FREE shipping 

6-11 bottles - $25/ea  + FREE shipping

12+ bottles - $23/ea + FREE shipping


2010 Tuscan Extra Virgin Nuovo Olive Oil, 250ml size

1-5 bottles - $18/ea

6+ bottles - 16/ea + FREE shipping


Our shopping cart will keep track of all discounts and the free shipping offer and will automatically calculate it correctly during checkout.  All free shipping orders will be shipped by ground delivery service.  If you'd like to have it shipped faster, you willl have the option to pick and pay for faster shipping.


KNOW you're going to just love this olive oil.  I stand behind the quality and freshness 110%.  If for any reason you're feel unsatisfied, just contact us and I guarantee we'll make it right.


If you have any questions, feel free to post here on Facebook to us, or e-mail me at [email protected].  I look forward to sharing the most incredible olive oil I've ever tasted with you!





Date 4/3/2011 12:20:00 PM
Harold Bissonnet
Great olive oil, if not the best and at a great price as well. Life is good......
Date 4/21/2011 4:45:00 PM
joe deater
what would I use it for. Dipping or cooking?
Date 5/3/2011 5:03:00 AM
Harold Bissonnet
To answer the gentleman above with the use query, I would never waste an oil this good for cooking. First of all, how could you afford it and you would loose it's subtle flavours. Dipping, salads, and garnishing as a condiment is super. I love oil like this particularly floated on soups and especially beans.
Date 5/21/2011 1:07:00 PM
Mentha Manning
This Olive Oil is liquid gold. I have used it on roasted veggies in oven (asparagus with this oil is outstanding). I use it to dip with a lil bit of salt, I use it to top off soups, and I used it to season some snapper I put on the outdoor grill INCREDIBLE! Thanks Keith and Tania for making this available stateside. Count me in early next year! :D

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