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2018 Cemetery Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

Part Number 250ml-Cemetery
2018 Cemetery Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml
Our special edition
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Our 2018 Cemetery Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from trees that have stood for centuries and have been abandoned for over 30 years. The olive grove itself borders the main cemetery of Cortona, a fixture on the hillside just below the Duomo of Cortona.  Myself, my father-in-law Gary and a few friends have worked in the olive grove for five years, meticulously recovering the land from 30 years of forest growing up around the olive grove. We've succeeded in recovering many of the 450 olivetrees, and this year is the second harvest of those trees.  We were only able to get a small percentage of the olives from those trees, but the olive oil we have harvested is some of the best I have ever tasted.  I'm so proud to be bringing back this olive oil after so much work to uncover the "liquid gold". 

Our label is an artist's rendition of Danse Macabre, a late-medieval allegory.  The idea is that no matter a person's station in life, the Dance of Death unites us all.  Typically represented are all walks of life - pope with labourer, emperor with peasant, child, king with beggar.  And for us, it's the rebirth of an olive grove that was for all intents and purposes was practically dead after a disastrous frost in 1985.

Even though it's incredibly labor intensive and costly to recover and harvest these trees we feel it's a way for us to give back to Cortona which has given us so much as well as keeping the centuries old traditions of these trees alive.  Our limited edition special square bottle is clear glass this year so that you can see what FRESH green extra virgin olive oil should look like and is meant to be consumed in the next three months. . 

The olives have been harvested gently and pressed at a small local frantoio (olive mill) that uses the latest technology to preserve the nuances of the olives.  Nuovo olive oil is bottled right after pressing, without filtration or settling and has a distinctive vibrant green color, intense fruity flavor and a peppery long finish.  Only available once every year, this olive oil is best consumed within three months of opening.  Over time it is normal for this olive oil to have some sediment at the bottom of the bottle.  This just assures you that it has been bottled very quickly after pressing to preserve the fresh taste.  At first the taste will be very intense, mellowing out over time and naturally clearing to a transparent chartreuse color. 

Each bottle is 250ml.  This is a very limited bottling and you will either receive a white or green wax top. 

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