2022 Gourmet "Buon Gusto" Sampler
2022 Gourmet 'Buon Gusto' Sampler

2022 Gourmet "Buon Gusto" Sampler

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***Please note that the olive oil may have an expiration date of June 2024. By law we have to label with an expiration date of 18 months after bottling. This oil is still good for at least another year and is still tasting great.***

With the "Buon Gusto" Gourmet Sampler you have the opportunity to sample two of our 2022 Extra Virgin Olive Oils which definitely have different flavors, our award winning EVOO "Bel Posto" from Cortona and our "Solemare" EVOO from the Bolgheri seaside region in Tuscany, along with our most popular balsamic, the White Balsamic that has been aged for four years.

This gift box contains one 100ml Solemare EVOO, one 100ml Bel Posto EVOO and one 100ml White Balsamic.

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