2022 Gourmet "Gocce d'Arte" Sampler
2022 Gourmet 'Gocce d'Arte' Sampler

2022 Gourmet "Gocce d'Arte" Sampler

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***Please note that this olive oil may have an expiration date of June 2024. By law we have to label with an expiration date of 18 months after bottling. This oil is still good for at least another year and is still tasting great.***

We have a limited supply of our Gocce d'Arte 100ml olive oil bottles. These bottles feature a beautiful rendition of our iconic Luca Signorelli Angel on a metal label on the front of the bottle. A really wonderful gift, these bottles are also the perfect size for bringing along to a restaurant in your purse or pocket.

This gift box contains 3 x 100ml bottles of 2022 Bel Posto Gold Metal Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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