Gourmet "Delizia" Sampler
Gourmet 'Delizia' Sampler

Gourmet "Delizia" Sampler

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Three of our "Delizia"(sweet) flavored white balsamics, giving you a variety of flavor - one infused with Pomegranate, one with Lemon peels from Sorrento and one with Raspberry, all in our four year aged white balsamic, perfect for anything you want to add a splash of sweet flavor to. This gift pack would be a perfect companion gift with a 250ml or 500ml Tuscan olive oil for that special gourmet Foodie.

Our white balsamic only contains grape must, wine vinegar and then flavored with natural extract. To create white balsamic they mature it in tightly closed oak barrels rather than open to the air like a traditional balsamic vinegar. This stops any oxidation so the balsamic stays clear. This white balsamic has been aged for 4 years in the wood casks.

This gift box contains one 100ml bottle of Pomegranate White Balsamic, one 100ml bottle of Lemon White Balsamic and one 100ml bottle of Raspberry White Balsamic.

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