The 2013 Harvest is here along with flavored balsamics!

Posted by Tania von Barkenhagen on 11/20/2013 to L'arte dell'Olivo News
Finally, 2013 harvest olive oil that was air shipped over on Saturday, just a week after being harvested, is on U.S. soil and should be in the warehouse later this week!  Our newest products, the flavored white balsamics, which came in a separate shipment, just cleared customs and are also in transit to the warehouse and will be in stock later this week!

We are so excited to be able to share these artisan gourmet products with you and response has been overwhelming! We know you will enjoy them as much as we do. 

As we now do yearly, we have followed the olive oil shipment over to the U.S. and are currently in Boston gearing up for our tasting party tour of the East coast which starts Friday! Enjoying the Boston skyline as we prepare to wow everyone with our products!

Boston view


Date 11/23/2013
Laura Bayne
Hi Tania and Keith, We very much enjoyed the oil and balsamic tasting feast last night at Lauren and Ryan's house. Your products are truly wonderful, I am already enjoying them at home. I loved the dishes Tania prepared too. You mentioned that you were going to post some recipes on your site. I am waiting patiently :) Thanks again, Laura
Date 11/24/2013
Ciao Laura! Was great to see you again and what a fun night! You can find all our recipes at our landing page under the recipe section!
Date 3/6/2014
Janice Booth
Until I attended one of your tasting parties during the 2013 tour, I was pretty sure there wasn't much of a big difference between olive oils. Just one more thing I'm wrong about! Never will I be able to tolerate the taste of worn-out olive oils that are our lot here in the U.S. Your Nuovo is "a revelation" (to quote a good friend). Thank you both for the risks you took to create L'arte and the wonderful products you bring home to us here in the US. I officially cannot live without a constant supply of Nuovo and will be soon joining the fresh press club to ensure I never run out.

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