Fagiolo Etrusco
Fagiolo Etrusco

Fagiolo Etrusco

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**Please note the expiration date is 11/01/21. They are still tasting good but we have them on sale due to the expiration date**

This bean is known as the "Fagiolo del Cento" because it is sown on the hundredth day of the year. It is called "Fagiolo Etrusco" because of the multi earth tone colors which are also found in the terracotta artifacts of the Etruscans. This bean is very tasty and because of the very variegated colors, it is also rich in polyphenols. It has very thin skin, which makes it very digestible, and a thick and creamy consistency. It also is intensely flavored and has the ability to withstand cooking. Excellent boiled (or cooked slowly in a flask) and seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. They are best enjoyed on a slice of toasted Tuscan bread or as a side dish with chianina steak. After the peasants in the evening baked bread, they would put a pan or flask of beans in the embers of the hearth, and the next morning they had the delicious cooked beans. This variety is included in the list for the protection and enhancement of local breeds and varieties.

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